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[Commission][Pokemon X and Y] by Display-This-Anyway [Commission][Pokemon X and Y] :icondisplay-this-anyway:Display-This-Anyway 43 6 [Incomplete][Pokemon Pokemon X and Y] Piggy by Display-This-Anyway [Incomplete][Pokemon Pokemon X and Y] Piggy :icondisplay-this-anyway:Display-This-Anyway 28 5 (Trade) Tongue Resting by VanillaBeam (Trade) Tongue Resting :iconvanillabeam:VanillaBeam 15 22 Fire Emblem- Skill ~ Size 2 by GamefreakDX Fire Emblem- Skill ~ Size 2 :icongamefreakdx:GamefreakDX 59 7 The Sleeping Titan by ThaddeusMcBoosh The Sleeping Titan :iconthaddeusmcboosh:ThaddeusMcBoosh 143 6 Bit of a disapointment by Nightcore100 Bit of a disapointment :iconnightcore100:Nightcore100 74 16 Twas The Doctor That Built The Pyramids by trohobo Twas The Doctor That Built The Pyramids :icontrohobo:trohobo 16 12 [Commission][Fire Emblem] by Display-This-Anyway [Commission][Fire Emblem] :icondisplay-this-anyway:Display-This-Anyway 61 9 Fire Emblem- Skill ~ Size 1 by GamefreakDX Fire Emblem- Skill ~ Size 1 :icongamefreakdx:GamefreakDX 90 27 [Crush] Betweem 2 Giant Ladies by Giant-Lightning [Crush] Betweem 2 Giant Ladies :icongiant-lightning:Giant-Lightning 44 8 [UM8]: Not Covered By Your Policy *edited* by strandedPenguin [UM8]: Not Covered By Your Policy *edited* :iconstrandedpenguin:strandedPenguin 29 7 Trade of Butts E2P5 by jigglyjuggle
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Two Upcoming Favorites lists coming in June and July

My Top 25 Cartoon Network Cartoons of All Time
For Once I am doing the Unexpected since I am a big fan of Cartoon Network and its wide variety of programming it served to us from its last 25 years it existed I am going to list 25 shows that still hold a place in my heart and this will be a descriptive series and won't be that obvious since I have a view on Cartoons different than everybody else(So, For the easily offended to get mad if Steven Universe or the Eds are not #1)
This list will be in June

My Top 15 MLP Giantesses (Canon-Fanon-OCs)
It's been a helluva long time to do this list but now I'm going to make this happen with edits occurring everyday for anticipation than one separate list
This List will be in July

PowerpuffPony1 EpicCartoonsFan StarlightGGiantess5 Pokeman-114 BrandonTheUnicorn
Okay It's your turn since I have been tagged twice overnight I might as well tag you all with 10 Facts about me but I think by now its obvious
Since I have responded to those who have I tagged I don't have to give more facts about myself since its usually the Original one who would have to give more but it is kind of obvious if you truly know me for who I am and the things I've done
So anywho's my Questions are this

1. Favorite Cartoon Pre-Contemporary Era (In other words any year before 1995)
2.Favorite Video Game
3.If you would describe yourself as a Cartoon Character which toon is the most relatable
4.Favorite Underrated TV show(Cartoon or Live Action)
5.Favorite Reading Material(It could be a soiled up newspaper copy of the Titanic sinking from 1912 for all we know)
6.Surprise Me Question (For Example What did you have for breakfast this morning? If you don't want to answer that question that's fine but give me something)
7.Do you think Thanksgiving is Underrated in Media but Christmas is the opposite?
8.Favorite Cartoon After 1995 (If you like Provide more than One)
9.Favorite Film(If you can't decide name a few too)
10.Weird but yet fun question: Favorite Sweet Treat?

I guess I should answer my own questions
1.Animaniacs(Hands down for me)
2. Mega Man III (I am big with Platformers and Strategy not only that but how fast paced it can be I love games that are fun challenging and quick not to win but to play)
3.Garfield(I'm fat, quick witted,at times lazy,sassy but I love everything and everyone I meet)
4.I would have to go with Sheep in the Big City (by that Robot Jones 2003 Clone Wars or Robotomy I'm goin' with Sheepy)
5.Comic Strips that describes everyday of what I do on my first hour of work
6.Since I threw that Breakfast Question in the air:I had Pizza for breakfast this morning because its my goofy Great Uncle's birthday today (He literally calls himself Uncle Pizza he's 82 today :) )
7.Yes Could you count how many TV specials that are Thanksgiving than Christmas with all of our fingers and toes(20)
8.Dexter 's Laboratory, Early Fairly OddParents, My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic, Rick and Morty
9.Favorite Film Batman: The Mask of The Phantasm(1993) The only Batman Animated Film that was good and was in Theatres to me
10.I'm going to put three the High which is the one that I adore eating the Medium The treat I love to eat sometimes and Low eh? Desperation
H-A Custom made Candy Milkshake with Chocolate of many sorts and a lot of sugar
M- M & M 's and Marshmallows
L- Sweetened Milk (Not Canned)
(Yeah I live nearby a Bakery which experiments on what desserts to make)

AntiAPC Targord HomestuckBrony3 Chilly--Willy Pokeman-114 darthtyler100 gmodpon-e jack34040 HUNT777 lucariofan98


checkerboardcn's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm a huge fan of MLP:FIM even though I am a tiny stallion
I love to do RPs with anyone who loves MLP too
I also do alot of art since I am knowledgeable about everything about cartoons and animation (That's why I am called Checkerboard)
I am also a Fanfic writer
I also am a stallion helpful and generous to give a pony a lending hoof big or small
I am the best stallion in one tiny package(But I don't want to boast)


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